How do I keep my teeth clean?

Maintaining the cleanliness and health of your teeth and gums means that you have to follow the basic cleaning rules, tooth brushing daily gently, clean between the teeth by using the dental floss. Rinse with mouthwash to ensure access to all parts of the oral cavity. Following these rules daily beside professional teeth cleaning in our dental office will reduce your risk of tooth and gum problems as much as possible.


How can I protect my teeth from decay?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask your doctor. Tooth decay is a very common problem. Avoidance of infection means following these tips:

  • Healthy and balanced diet.
  • Visit a dentist periodically as part of preventative dentistry care.
  • Keep your teeth and gums clean daily.


How to increase the whiteness of my teeth?

People often want to have teeth whitening using bleach products on the counter, but the most important advice is that you should consult your dentist before using these products that may increase tooth sensitivity.


When should I visit a dentist?

It is necessary to undergo regular checkups twice a year to ensure the safety and health of teeth and gums. Regular dental examinations are an important part of preventive dental care.


At what age should I take my child to his first visit to the dentist?

The American Dental Academy advises parents to reserve the first date of their child for pediatric care at the age of one.


What is the preferred age of the child’s visit to the orthodontic clinic?

At the age of seven, parents are advised to seek an orthodontic treatment for their children, unless there are problems that may require an early visit, as directed by the dentist.


When will I need a crown?

Dental crowns are your best option when your tooth is damaged from decay or trauma (such as a blow), tooth out of position, and Root canal treated teeth. Crowns may also be used to help stabilize teeth loosened by gum disease by connecting them to the adjacent teeth, and creating a better realignment of teeth.


Which is better dental implants or bridges and dentures?

Dental implants prevent bone atrophy in the place of the missing tooth, as there is rapid bone loss going on under the surface once a tooth is lost. Maintain the jaw and the rest of the natural teeth in the mouth. Dental implants let you get rid of the stress of removable prosthesis and the embarrassment it cause you. Yet, in some cases, due to medical conditions, dental bridges and dentures might be the recommended option.


Don’t hesitate to contact us if have more questions, and our specialists will gladly answer.