Dental Hygiene Goes Far Beyond Teeth

Would you believe that people with periodontal disease (inflammation of the gum and bone supporting the teeth) are twice as likely to suffer coronary artery disease? Who’d’ve thought that a bad tooth could make a heart condition worse? Or put you at greater risk for a stroke?

Infections are bacterial invasions of your teeth and gums. They can cause an abscess (gums swollen due to an accumulation of pus) which can be hard or soft, large or small, very painful or almost unnoticeable. Whatever it looks or feels like, the abscess is an attack on your mouth and the bacteria can move through the body affecting other areas.

The Clarity team includes hygienists trained to clean your teeth, to locate and deal with problems while they are small, and to teach you how to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

“Dentophobia” Should be a Thing of the Past

Lots of people are afraid of the dentist, generally because they had bad experiences as a child. This fear keeps them away from all dentistry – even from routine preventative dental care visits — and is a contributing cause of many small problems becoming big problems.

Today, there’s little reason to fear a dentist visit. Sedation therapy and the many advancements in dental techniques have eliminated most of the pain of working on teeth. Of course, when all else fails, laughing gas won’t take the pain away, but you won’t care!

If your fear of the dentist isn’t fear of the chair, but of the bill, let us put that to rest. In addition to the many insurance plans we accept, Clarity’s in-house-dental-plan offers convenient monthly payments to qualified clients.

Your Full-service Family Dental Office

In greater Indianapolis, Indiana, you won’t find a better service provider than Clarity Dentistry. Contact us for preventative care visits for your whole family. You’ll appreciate the friendly, professional service and relaxed atmosphere so much that you’ll come back for all your family’s dental care needs.