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Finding the Best "Dentist Near Me"

Trying to find the very best dentist near you can be a daunting task. With 300+ 5-Star Google reviews, you can rest assured that your search is over!

One of the most important, but most daunting tasks in life is to find new service providers - whether they be doctors, hair stylists, piano instructors, or dentists. While many people reach out to family and friends for recommendations for a quality dentist, others go to Google and simply type in the words dentist near me or "Indianapolis dentist" to find their future provider. From here you are directed to a long list of dental offices that are within your specific search criteria. That is where the fun begins.

Photo of a Dentist Near Me Dr Ross Bowen

Photo of Dr. Ross Bowen, DDS

While you sit at your computer or peruse through the long list of dental offices on your cell phone, how do you know which one to choose? How do you know if any of those listings will be a trustworthy dental practice to go to? How do you know that the dental cleaning, dental crown, or restorative dentistry will be done well and in a way that makes you feel comfortable?

While you can never be guaranteed, however Google tries and makes the decision process as easy as possible.

To help guide you, Google provides multiple areas of information about these practices - address,  phone number, location on a map, website, general information, specialties, and most importantly, their Google reviews. These reviews are where current or former patients can either recommend a dentist or recommend you to not go to a specific dentist, and why.

Typically, the more number of reviews an office has the better, especially if a high number of reviews still wields the dental practice a rating of 4-5 stars. While these reviews are not a full proof way to find a new dental care provider, it is a great place to start the search for optimal oral health!

While “Indianapolis dentist” and “dentist in Indianapolis” are a great way to get started in your dental search, it may not be the most efficient for you. If you made a small change and used the phrase “dentist near to me” instead, your search will become more localized and generate dental providers that are most convenient.

Here is why simply changing your wording to “dentists near me” is a much better phrase to use to find your new family dentist and Clarity Dentistry.

Location Matters When Choosing the Best Dentist in Indianapolis

Just like in real estate, location is very important to finding a new family dentist.  Choosing a dentist that is near, as opposed to that one across town, can lead to you saving a lot of time and a lot of trouble driving around. While nobody wants to be going to the dentist for more than their 6 month cleanings, dental treatments can require the patient to make multiple trips to the office.

For more complicated or time consuming procedures such as extensive restorative dentistry like multiple fillings, dental crowns, dental implants and especially orthodontics expect to make multiple trips to complete the dentistry.

Many dental services require patients to come in for two or more appointments to complete the desired procedures.

Dentistry appointments such as extractions, dentures, dental implants and observations for infections are all appointments that can require follow up appointments for suture removal, observations, or to go over the next phase of treatment. Choosing an office close by will make these trips to the dentist more tolerable and save you time.

Photo of an Invisalign Dentist Holding Trays

Photo of an Invisalign Dentist Holding Clear Aligners

Another area that requires multiple trips to the dentist is orthodontics. Both traditional bracket braces and clear tray orthodontics (like Invisalign) require the patient to come into the office every 3-6 weeks for a quick appointment. These appointments can consist of impressions, placing brackets, changing bands, delivering new trays, removing brackets, and delivery of retainers (so you don’t have to go through the process again in a few years).

Choosing a dental office close to home makes it easier and more convenient on you for any dentistry appointments you may have - even if it is just a routine dental cleaning.

So, go ahead and make that cleaning for early afternoon and take the rest of the day off from work! Your secret is safe with us at Clarity Dentistry.

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Patient Testimonials


Dr. Bowen was very thorough in explaining what why I was having the pain I was having in my mouth. April was also very helpful as well! I really like how professional they were. Even though I found out I need to have some work done everything they said as to why made sense. I would definitely recommend going there!
Patient Reviewer for Clarity Dentistry Danielle Storm
Danielle Storm

I am always very well taken care of at Clarity Dentistry. Everyone is always very friendly, listens to my concerns with empathy, and actually treats me like a human being rather than someone to get money out of. I can honestly say this is the most clean, professional, and best dental experience in my life.
Patient Reviewer for Clarity Dentistry David Morris
David Morris

My four year old has been to two pediatric dentists that have him a huge fear of the dentist. Dr. Bowen and the hygienist that worked with my son were gentle and did everything possible to make him comfortable. If you or your kiddo are anxious about the dentist you should absolutely check out Clarity.
Patient Reviewer for Clarity Dentistry Samantha Apollo
Samantha Apollo

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