Chipped A Tooth? Here’s What To Do

Playing sports, biting down on hard foods or ice, or an accidental fall can result in a chipped or fractured tooth. Not only is this a cosmetic dental issue,  but it could result in nerve exposure, infection, and even further damage if you don’t have it taken care of quickly.

Wondering what to do when you chip a tooth? Here’s a look at the best options.

Call Your Indianapolis Dentist!

The first thing you need to do is call your dentist at Clarity Dentistry to set up an appointment. If you’re not already a patient at our practice, we’ll help you get set up with an appointment at our Indianapolis office immediately.

Acting quickly can help you save the tooth and reduce the amount of discomfort you could experience. Once you come in for a visit, we’ll take a look at the chipped tooth and discuss with you the best treatment options. The right treatment will depend on the amount of damage that’s been done to the tooth and surrounding tissues.

Other Chipped Tooth Fixes

The following are some of your other options if you chip a tooth:

  • Do nothing for little damage. If there’s very little damage and the chip is tiny, you may not need to do anything. However, even if you don’t head to the dentist for an emergency appointment, you’ll still want to mention the chip to your general or cosmetic dentist at your next dental visit. Many times, these small chips can be smoothed out by your dentist so that there are no rough edges on the tooth.
  • Dental crowns. If a large part of your tooth broke off, your Indianapolis dentist may have to place a dental crown on the tooth to protect it and restore its form and function. This involves removing some of the tooth structure that is left, and then often times rebuilding the tooth with a strong material that will help support the new crown. After the tooth is prepared, an impression and shade will be taken of the tooth, and a crown will be custom made from a strong, tooth-colored porcelain material in a dental lab. Once your lab case is received back at our office,  the dentist will bring you in for the delivery appointment and will permanently cement the new crown on the tooth. extremely natural
  • Dental bonding. For a fairly minor chip or crack, dental bonding may be one of the best options for repairing the tooth, since it strengthens and improves its appearance. Bonding is a type of cosmetic procedure where your cosmetic dentist in Indianapolis will bond a composite resin material (same material used in tooth-colored fillings) that’s the same color of your other teeth to the chipped tooth. Usually, this procedure can be done in just one visit, and your dentist will be able to use the composite resin to reform the tooth so it looks natural again.
  • Dental implants. If you’re dealing with a cracked tooth that has cracked below your gum line, the entire tooth may need to be replaced with a dental implant. The tooth will have to be extracted and a synthetic titanium root will need to be implanted in your jaw. Then, several months later,  a porcelain crown will be attached to the implant, making it look like a natural tooth. Dental implants usually last a lifetime, and they restore the function and aesthetic appearance of your tooth, so you can have your beautiful smile back.

At Clarity Dentistry, we have an experienced, qualified Indianapolis dentist who can restore your smile if you’re dealing with a chipped tooth.

Each situation is different, so we’ll work with you to determine which treatment will best restore the function and appearance of your tooth. If you crack a tooth, don’t wait until the pain is unbearable to give us a call. Contact us immediately, and we’ll make sure you get a quick appointment in Indianapolis to ensure your tooth is restored as soon as possible.


Patient Testimonials


Dr. Bowen was very thorough in explaining what why I was having the pain I was having in my mouth. April was also very helpful as well! I really like how professional they were. Even though I found out I need to have some work done everything they said as to why made sense. I would definitely recommend going there!
Patient Reviewer for Clarity Dentistry Danielle Storm
Danielle Storm

I am always very well taken care of at Clarity Dentistry. Everyone is always very friendly, listens to my concerns with empathy, and actually treats me like a human being rather than someone to get money out of. I can honestly say this is the most clean, professional, and best dental experience in my life.
Patient Reviewer for Clarity Dentistry David Morris
David Morris

My four year old has been to two pediatric dentists that have him a huge fear of the dentist. Dr. Bowen and the hygienist that worked with my son were gentle and did everything possible to make him comfortable. If you or your kiddo are anxious about the dentist you should absolutely check out Clarity.
Patient Reviewer for Clarity Dentistry Samantha Apollo
Samantha Apollo

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